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Rules & Regulations

City Ordinance

SEC. 126-477

Limited Operation

(a) Golf carts are permitted to be operated on:

     (1)  Streets where posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less, with the exception of:

               a. E. Common Street from Gruene Road to FM 306.

(b) A golf Cart may not be driven across an intersection where the cross street has a posted speed limit of more than 35 MPH.

(c) Nighttime driving of golf carts is prohibited.  Golf carts may only be driven during the daytime. Daytime is considered 30 minutes before sunrise, and 30 minutes after sunset.  

Sec. 126-480

Operator Regulations

All operators of golf carts shall:

     (1) Be licensed to operate a motor vehicle & carry a valid drivers license.  All drivers license permissions and restrictions shall              apply to the operation of a golf cart;

     (2) Abide by all state and local traffic regulations applicable to vehicular traffic;

     (3) Use standard hand signals for turning during daylight if cart is not equipped with turn signals;

     (4) Not operate or park on a sidewalk or hike and bike trails at anytime;

     (5) Not use the golf cart to pull any object or person at any time;

     (6) Not exceed the seating capacity of the golf cart as designed by manufacturer;

     (7) Remain seated at all times while the golf cart is in motion and ensure the same for passengers.  Passengers can be issued              a citation for not remaining seated while the cart is moving;

     (8) Not have or permit a passenger younger than 4 years of age; and

     (9) Not intentionally or knowingly allow an unlicensed operator to operate the golf cart.

GrueneGo Kartz Rules

1.  Lessee must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

2.  Operator of golf cart must be 18 years of age and carry a valid drivers license.

3.  Golf carts operated with in the 30 minutes allotted after sunset must have lights on.

4.  Horseplay, racing, or any other misuse will not be tolerated.  No golf carts permitted off of improved surfaces.  No off roading.

5.  Do not exceed the maximum passenger recommendation. 

6.  Operator and passengers must remain seated at all times when the cart in in motion.

7.  Carts must be returned at designated pickup time or lessee will be charged a fee.

8.  Please report any malfunction to management immediately.

9.  No Drinking and Driving.  It is the LAW!

Last but not least 

10.  Have a GREAT TIME!!!

For Question and Inquiries

(254)592-2629 Michael

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